A township of the Mallas in the Malla country. Once when the Buddha was staying there, Bhadragaka, the headman of the town, visited him, and the Buddha preached to him a sermon on the arising and the cessation of Ill. SN.iv.327f. It was perhaps on the same occasion that the Buddha was visited by the headman Rāsiya, and he seems to have talked to him on various topics connected with the doctrine. SN.iv.330ff. Record is also made of a sermon preached by the Buddha at Uruvelakappa and addressed to the monks regarding the importance of insigh. SN.iv.228f.

Once when the Buddha was staying at Uruvelakappa, he informed Ānanda that he wished to spend the day alone in the Mahāvana, and he went there and sat down at the foot of a tree. Meanwhile the householder Tapassu arrived and told Ānanda that be could not understand how young men in the prime of life found any attraction in renouncing the world. Ānanda took Tapassu to the Buddha, who set his doubts at rest. AN.iv.438ff.