Vappa 1

One of the group of five monks who practiced with the Bodhisatta before his Awakening, and who were his first monastic followers. Vappa was disappointed when the Buddha began taking solid food, he left him and went to Isipatana, where the Buddha preached to him and the others the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta. Soon after, Vappa and his companions became arahants, at the end of the Anattalakkhaṇa Sutta. Vin.i.12 A verse attributed to him is found in the Theragāthā. Thag.61


A Sākiyan, disciple of the Nigaṇṭhas. He visits Moggallāna and they talk of the āsavas. The Buddha joins them and tells Vappa how the āsavas can be completely destroyed so that the monk who has so destroyed them will abide in the six satata vihāras with equanimity, mindful and comprehending. Vappa is convinced of the superiority of the Buddha’s teaching and becomes his follower. AN.ii.196f.