A Licchavi. He was a friend of the Mettiyabhummajakā, and, at their instigation, charged Dabba Mallaputta with having committed adultery with his wife. Dabba repudiated the charge, and the Buddha ordered the monks to proclaim the “overturning the bowl” on Vaḍḍha. When Ānanda visited Vaḍḍha and told him this news he fell in a faint, and, later, visited the Buddha with his family to ask for forgiveness. He was ordered to go before the Saṅgha and confess his error, after which the sentence was revoked. Vin.ii.124ff.

He may be identical with Vaḍḍhamāna.


A monk whose Theragāthā verses express thanks to his mother and sister for encouraging him in the Dhamma. Thag.335–339 The Therīgāthā conatins an exchange between he and his mother. Thig.204–212