Husband of Dhammadinnā. After Dhammadinnā had joined the Order, she left the city and retired into the country, returning to Rājagaha after she had attained arahantship. Visākha, hearing of her return, visited her at the nunnery and asked her various questions regarding the Buddha’s teachings, all of which she answered. Their conversation is recorded in the Culla Vedalla Sutta. MN.i.299f. Visākha then visited the Buddha and reported their conversation to him, winning the Buddha’s praises for Dhammadinnā.


A monk whose Theragāthā verses speaks of not attacking the virtuous, nor praising oneself. Thag.209–210

Visākha was evidently a clever and arresting preacher, and the books mention that the Buddha heard him preach and praised him. SN.ii.280 AN.ii.51