A Brahma-world where live radiant devas from whose bodies rays of light are emitted, like lightning. It belongs to the Rūpaloka and is in the plane of second jhāna The devas living there subsist on joy. SN.i.114 Their span of life is two kappas and there is no guarantee that a person who has been born there may not later be reborn in an unhappy condition. AN.ii.127 From time to time these devas utter shouts of joy saying “aho sukham, aho sukham.” This sound is the best of sounds. These devas are completely enveloped in ease. AN.iii.202 DN.iii.219 Their world forms the third station of consciousness, they are of uniform body, but their perceptions are diverse.AN.iv.40 AN.iv.401 DN.ii.69 DN.iii.253 During the periods of the development of the world many beings are born in the Ābhassarā realm and they are then called the highest of the devas, yet even they change their condition. AN.v.60 In lists of devas MN.i.289 they are given below the Appamāṇābhā and above the Subhā.