A brahmin. Once when Mahā Kaccāna was staying at Vāraṇā on the banks of the Kaddamadaha, Ārāmadaṇḍa came to see him and asked him why nobles quarrelled with nobles, brahmins with brahmins, and householders with householders. “Because of their bondage and servitude to sensual lusts,” answered Mahā Kaccāna; and for the same reason recluses quarrelled with recluses. “Is there anybody in the world who has passed beyond this bondage?” “Yes,” said Mahā Kaccāna, “in Sāvatthī lives the Exalted One,” and he proceeded to describe the Buddha’s virtues. Ārāmadaṇḍa stood up with clasped hands and, turning in the direction of Sāvatthī, he uttered his adoration of the Buddha. Thenceforward he became a disciple of Mahā Kaccāna. A.i.65–67.