1. how the world of experience works, the processes by which it works and is explained (especially as formulated in cattāri ariyasaccānī and paṭiccasamuppāda), and the possibility and way of transcending it, as understood by the Buddha and taught by him (so that knowledge and understanding of it might bring awakening, arhantship, to others)
    2. the (stages to) freedom from the world of experience, culminating in nibbāna.
    3. (sg.) the behavior, conduct, practice required to realize and understand the way the world of experience works; the way to arahatship.
    4. (pl.) a quality or element of behavior or practice according to the Buddha ’s dhamma; a constituent of prescribed practice; an element of the teaching; a doctrine; appropriate and beneficial practice.
    5. the substance of the teaching of the Buddha; the teaching as collected in the canon; the texts.
    6. a constituent of experience; an aspect or quality of existence; physical sensation; a mental state or quality (good or bad); (sometimes merely) thing, phenomenon, matter; the nonindependent, conditioned constituents of processes and events, progressively more and more minutely analyzed into fundamental types of event or fundamental regularities.
    7. mental constructs, concepts, ideas, what is to be cognized by the mind, that which is the object of mental activity.
    8. for the saṅgha: a rule; the offense against that rule; the punishment or reparation for that offense; a procedure; esp. the special requirements (garudhammā) imposed on bhikkhunis.
  1. an interpretation of reality of other religious teachers or philosophers; their teaching; a non-buddhist doctrine; a theory.

    1. the way things are; a natural law, custom, tradition; the essential nature, the way, of men or animals.
    2. the way things ought to be; the way one should act (depending on who one is); right, appropriate conduct; duty; what is right; law, justice.
    3. good practice; a good quality or characteristic or attainment.
    4. a quality or characteristic; any element of behavior or practice or attainment.