1. (of people, animals, rivers, roads etc) goes; moves, walks; goes away, leaves; goes to (+ acc. or santike/santikaṃ etc); often with absol., e.g. ādāya ~ati, gahetvā ~ati, goes with, takes; pahāya ~ati, goes off without, leaves behind.
    2. goes to another existence, another birth etc.
    3. follows a course; follows a future course.
    4. goes to an activity; goes to do something.
    5. goes to in a sexual intercourse; has intercourse with.
  1. goes to a state of condition; undergoes, reaches; obtains.

  2. relies on.

  3. the first person present is not rarely used to express an immediate or near future sense: I am going; I am going to go; we are about to go.