Ceto-vimutti: ‘deliverance of mind’. In the highest sense it signifies the fruition of Arahatship see: ariya-puggala and in particular, the concentration associated with it. It is often linked with the ‘deliverance through understanding’ paññā-vimutti,, e.g. in the ten powers of a Perfect One see: dasa - bala See vimokkha I.

It is also called ‘unshakable deliverance of mind’ akuppa further ‘Infinite of m’. appamāna d. of m. from the conditions of existence, or signless of m.’ animittā d. of m. from the appendages’ ākincañña c. since that state of mind is free from the 3 bonds, conditions and appendants, i.e. from greed, hatred and ignorance; and since it is void thereof, it is called the ‘void deliverance of mind’ suññatā- *c.*

In a more restricted sense, ‘Infinite deliverance of mind’ is a name for the 4 Infinite states, i.e. loving-kindness, Pity, altruistic joy and equanimity see: brahma-vihāra; d. of m. from the appendages stands for the sphere of nothingness ākiñcaññāyatana see: jhāna 7; ‘d. of mind from the conditions of existence’, for of mind due to non-attention to all conditions of existence; ‘void of m’ for of m. due to contemplating voidness of self. For further details, see: M. 43.