Pacceka-buddha: an ‘Solitarily Enlightened One’; or Separately or Individually = pacceka Enlightened One renderings by ‘Silent’ or ‘Private Buddha’ are not very apt. This is a term for an Arahat see: ariya-puggala who has realized Nibbāna without having heard the Buddha’s doctrine from others. He comprehends the 4 Noble Truths individually pacceka independent of any teacher, by his own effort. He has, however, not the capacity to proclaim the Teaching effectively to others, and therefore does not become a ‘Teacher of Gods and Men’, a Perfect or Universal Buddha sammā - sambuddha. Paccekabuddhas are described as frugal of speech, cherishing solitude. According to tradition, they do not arise while the Teaching of a Perfect Buddha is known; but for achieving their rank after many aeons of effort, they have to utter an aspiration before a Perfect Buddha.

Canonical references are few; Pug. 29 defin.; A. II, 56; in M. 116, names of many Paccekabuddhas are given; in D. 16 they are said to be worthy of a thūpa dagoba; the Treasure-Store Sutta Nidhikhandha Sutta, Khp. mentions pacceka-bodhi the C. Nidd. ascribes to individual Paccekabuddhas the verses of the Rhinoceros Sutta Khaggavisāna Sutta, Sn. - See bodhi.

See The Paccekabuddha, by Ria Kloppenborg WHEEL 305/307.