Āyūhana: K ammic accumulation, is a name used in the commentarial literature for the advantageous and disadvantageous intentional activities kamma or kammic-constructions sankhāra (see: paticca - samuppāda 2), being the causes of future rebirth. Accumulation, is a name for the past kammic-constructions, and signifies those intentions cetanā, which arised at the performance of a kamma, first while thinking ‘I will give food’, and then while actually giving the food or any other object. The intention, however, at the time when one is handing the food over to the recipient is called kamma-making or kamma-becoming kamma-bhava see. Vis.M XVII, IX, X. Or, the intentions during the first six impulse-moments javana depending on one and the same state of directing āvajjana (see. viññāna-kicca ), these are called the kammic-constructions, whilst the 7th impulse moment is called the kamma-making kamma-bhava. Or, each moment of intention is called kamma-making and the accumulation connected with it, kamma-construction. Vis.M XVII. Cf. paticca - samuppāda 2, 10 - App.