doubtful meaning. The other is explained by Bdhgh at DN-a.i.120 as paripuṇṇ˚; and at DN-a.i.222 as avikal-indriya not defective, perfect sense-organ. He must have read ahīn˚ Abhi-n-indriya could only be explained as “with supersenseorgans”, i.e. with organs of supernormal thought or perception thus coming near in meaning to *abhiññindriya We should read ahīn˚ throughout DN.i.34, DN.i.77, DN.i.186, DN.i.195 DN.ii.13; MN.ii.18; MN.iii.121; Nd ii.under pucchā6 (only ahīn˚).

vv.ll. at all passages for ahīnindriya