“settling in”, i.e. wishing for, tendency towards (-˚) inclination, adherence; as adj. liking, loving, being given or inclined to DN.iii.230; MN.i.136, MN.i.251; SN.ii.17; SN.iii.10 SN.iii.13, SN.iii.135, SN.iii.161, SN.iii.186 (saṃyojana˚) SN.iv.50; AN.iii.363 (paṭhavī˚ adj.); Cnd.227 (gāha parāmasa +); Pp.22; Vb.145; Dhs.381, Dhs.1003, Dhs.1099; Ne.28; Pv-a.252 (micchā˚), Pv-a.267 (taṇhā˚); Sdhp.71
■ Often combd. with adhiṭṭhāna e.g. SN.ii.17; Cnd.176, and in phrase idaṃ-sacc’ âbhinivesa adherence to one’s dogmas, as one of the 4 Ties see kāyagantha and cp. Cpd. 171 n. 5.

abhi + nivesa, see nivesa2 & cp. nivesana