future lot, fate, state after death, future condition of rebirth; usually in foll phrases: kā gati ko abhisamparāyo (as hendiadys) ʻwhat fate in the world-to-come’, DN.ii.91; Vin.i.293; SN.iv.59 SN.iv.63; SN.v.346, SN.v.356, SN.v.369; Dhp-a.i.221
evaṃ-gatika evanabhisamparāya (adj.) “leading to such & such a revirn such & such a future state” DN.i.16, DN.i.24, DN.i.32, DN.i.33 etc (= evaṃ-vidhā paralokā ti DN-a.i.108)
■ abhisamparāyaṃ (acc. as adv.) in future, after death AN.i.48; AN.ii.197; AN.iii.347 AN.iv.104; Pv.iii.5#10 (= punabbhave Pv-a.200)
diṭṭhe c’eva dhamme abhisamparāyañ ca “in this world and in the world to come” AN.ii.61; Pp.38; Mil.162; Pv-a.195 etc. (see also diṭṭha)
■ Used absolutely at Pv-a.122 (= fate).

abhi + samparāya