1. going beyond the limits (of proper behaviour), too self-sure, overbearing, arrogant, proud SN.i.239 (variant reading accayasara caused by prolepsis of foll. accaya); Ja.iv.6 (atisara); Dhp-a.iv.230 (= expecting too much).
  2. going beyond the limits (of understanding), beyond grasp, transcendental (of pañha a question) MN.i.304; SN.v.218 (variant reading SS for BB reading ajjhapara). Cp. accasārin.

a form. fr. aor. accasari (ati + sṛ;), influenced in meaning by analogy of ati + a + sara (smṛ) Not with Morris (J.P.T.S. 1889, 200) a corruption of accaya + sara (smṛ), thus meaning “mindful of a fault”