ginger Ja.i.244 (˚singivera).

cp. Sk. ārdraka


adjective wet, moist slippery Ja.iv.353;; Mil.346.

  • -āvalepana “smeared with moisture”, i.e. shiny, glittering SN.iv.187 (kūṭāgāra); MN.i.86 = Cnd.199#6 (upakāriyo) See also addha2.

The reading allāvalepana occurs at Cnd.40 (= SN.iv.187), and is perhaps to be preferred. The meaning is better to be given as “newly plastered.”

Sk. ārdra, from ṛdati or ardati to melt, cp. Gr. α ̓́ρδω to moisten, αἀρδα dirt; see also alla

Adda2 & Addā

3rd sg. aor. of *dassati; see *dassati 2a.