learning, studying, learning by heart Ja.iii.218, Ja.iii.327 = Ja.iv.301; Ja.iv.184 (vede = adhīyitvā C.), Ja.iv.477 (sajjhāyitvā C.);; Mil.164.

ger. of adhi + eti, see adhīyati


(˚-) unsupported, uncaused fortuitous, without cause or reason; in foll. phrases -āpattika guilty without intention MN.i.443; -uppatti spontaneous origin Dhs-a.238; -laddha obtained without being asked for, unexpectedly Vv.84#22 = Ja.v.171 (expld. at Ja.v.171 by ahetunā, at by akāraṇena -samuppanna arisen without a cause, spontaneous unconditioned DN.i.28 = Ud.69; DN.iii.33, DN.iii.138; SN.ii.22–⁠ SN.ii.23 (sukhadukkhaṃ); AN.iii.440 (id.); Pts.i.155; DN-a.i.118 (= akāraṇa˚).

Sk. *adhṛtya, a + *dhicca, ger. of dhṛ; cp. dhāra, dhāraṇa 3, dhāreti 4


adjective without a cause (for assumption) unreasonable, unlikely SN.v.457.

= adhicca 2 in adj. function, influenced by, homonym abhabba