1. to be drawn to, feel attached to or inclined towards, to indulge in (c. loc. SN.iii.225; SN.iv.185; AN.iv.24, AN.iv.145 sq., AN.iv.460; AN.v.17; Pp.63.
  2. to become settled, to make up one’s mind as to (with loc.), to become clear about Vin.i.209 (aor. ˚mucci); DN.i.106; SN.i.116 (pot. ˚mucceyya); Iti.43; DN-a.i.275.
  3. to take courage, to have faith Snp.559; Mil.234; DN-a.i.214, DN-a.i.316; Ja.iv.272; Ja.v.103; Dhp-a.i.196; Dhp-a.iii.258; Dhp-a.iv.170.
  4. of a spirit, to possess, to enter into a body, with loc of the body. A late idiom for the older anvāvisati. Ja.iv.172; Ja.v.103, Ja.v.429; Dhp-a.i.196; Dhp-a.iii.258; Dhp-a.iv.170. pp. adhimuccita and adhimutta

caus adhimoceti to incline to (trs.); to direct upon (with loc.) SN.v.409 (cittaṃ devesu a.).

Pass. of adhi + muc