Adhimuccita & Adhimucchita

past participle drawn towards, attached to, infatuated, indulging in (with loc.) MN.ii.223 (an˚); SN.i.113; Thag.732 (variant reading ˚muccita), Thag.923 (cch), Thag.1175; Ja.ii.437 (cch); Ja.iii.242; Ja.v.255 (kāmesu ˚mucchita, variant reading ˚muccita). Cp. ajjhomucchita.

either adhi + muc or mūrch; it would seem more probable to connect it with the former (cp. adhimuccati) and consider all vv. ll ˚mucchita as spurious; but in view of the credit of several passages we have to assume a regular analogy-form ˚mucchita, cp. mucchati and see also J.P.T.S. 1886, 109