1. decision, resolution, self-determination, will (cp. on this meaning Cpd. 62; DN.iii.229 (where 4 are enumerated, viz. paññā˚, sacca˚ cāga upasama˚); Ja.i.23; Ja.v.174; Pts.i.108; Pts.ii.171 sq., Pts.ii.207; Dhs-a.166 (cp. Dhs. trsl. 44).
  2. mentioned in bad sense with abhinivesa and anusaya, obstinacy, prejudice and bias MN.i.136; MN.iii.31, MN.iii.240; SN.ii.17; SN.iii.10, SN.iii.135 SN.iii.194
    ■ As adj. (-˚) applying oneself to, bent on AN.iii.363.
  3. looking after, management, direction, power Mil.309 (devānaṃ); Pv-a.141 (so read for adhitaṭṭhāna) āvāsa* should perhaps be read adhiṭṭhāna in the sense of fixed permanent, abode].

fr. adhi + sthā