adjective noun

  1. (adj.)

    1. of time: the first, foremost Dpvs.iv.13 (saṅgahaṃ first collection). See cpds
    2. of space: the highest, topmost, Ja.i.52 (˚sākhā)
    3. of quality: illustrious, excellent, the best, highest, chief Vin.iv.232 (agga-m-agga) most excellent, DN.ii.4: SN I.29 (a sattassa Sambuddha); AN.ii.17 = Pv.iv.3#47 (lokassa Buddho aggo [A: aggaṃ] pavuccati); Iti.88, Iti.89; Snp.875 (suddhi) Pv-a.5. Often combd. with seṭṭha (best), e.g. DN.ii.15; SN.iii.83, SN.iii.264.
  2. (nt.) top, point.

    1. lit.: the top or tip (nearly always-˚); as ār˚; point of an awl Snp.625 Snp.631; Dhp.401; kus˚; tip of a blade of grass Dhp.70; Sdhp.349; tiṇ˚; id Pv-a.241; dum˚; top of a tree Ja.ii.155 dhaj˚; of a banner SN.i.219; pabbat˚; of a mountain Sdhp.352; sākh˚; of a branch Pv-a.157; etc
    2. fig. the best part, the ideal, excellence, prominence, first place often to be trsl. as adj. the highest, best of all etc. SN.ii.29 (aggena aggassa patti hoti: only the best attain to the highest); Mhvs.7, Mhvs.26. Usually as-˚; e.g. dum˚; the best of trees, an excellent tree Vv.35#41 (cp. Vv-a.161) dhan˚; plenty DN.iii.164; madhur˚; SN.i.41, SN.i.161, SN.i.237; bhav˚ the best existence SN.iii.83; rūp˚; extraordinary beauty Ja.i.291; lābh˚; highest gain Ja.iii.127; sambodhi-y-agga highest wisdom Snp.693 (= sabbaññuta-ñāṇan Snp-a.489 the best part or quality of anything, in enumn of the five “excellencies” of first-fruits (panca aggāni, after which the N. Pañcaggadāyaka), viz. khettaggan rās˚ koṭṭh˚ kumbhi bhojan˚ Snp-a.270. sukh˚; perfect bliss Sdhp.243. Thus freq. in phrase aggaṃ akkhāyati to deserve or receive the highest praise, to be the most excellent DN.i.124; SN.iii.156, SN.iii.264; AN.ii.17 (Tathāgato); Iti.87 (id.); Cnd.517 D (appamādo); Mil.183.
  3. Cases as adv.: aggena (instr.) in the beginning, beginning from, from (as prep.) by (id.) Vin.ii.167. (aggena gaṇhāti to take from, to subtract, to find the difference; Kern Toev. s. v. unnecessarily changes aggena into agghena), Vin.ii.257 (yadaggena at the moment when or from, foll. by tad eva “then”; cp agge), Vin.ii.294 (bhikkh˚ from alms); Vb.423 (vass˚ by the number of years). aggato (abl.) in the beginning Snp.217 (+ majjhato, sesato). aggato kata taken by its worth valued, esteemed Thig.386, Thig.394. agge (loc)

    1. at the top AN.ii.201 (opp. mūle at the root); Ja.iv.156 (id.); Snp.233 (phusit˚ with flowers at the top: supupphitaggasākhā Kp-a.192); Ja.ii.153 (ukkh˚); Ja.iii.126 (kūp˚).
    2. (as prep.) from. After, since, usually in phrases yad˚ (foll by tad˚) from what time, since what date DN.i.152; DN.ii.206 & ajja-t-agge from this day, after; today DN.i.85; MN.i.528; AN.v.300; Snp.p.25 (cp. BSk. adyāgrena Avs.ii.13) at the end: bhattagge after a meal Vin.ii.212.
  • -aṅgulī the main finger, i.e. index finger
  • -āsana main seat DN-a.i.267.
  • -upaṭṭhāka chief personal attendant DN.ii.6.
  • -kārikā first taste, sample Vin.iii.80
  • -kulika of an esteemed clan Pv.iii.5#5 (= seṭṭh˚ Pv-a.199).
  • -ñña recognized as primitive primeval, DN.iii.225 (porāṇa +), AN.ii.27 sq.; AN.iv.246, Kv.341.
  • -danta one who is most excellently self-restrained (of the Buddha Thag.354.
  • -dāna a splendid gift Vin.iii.39.
  • -dvāra main door Ja.i.114.
  • -nakha tip of the nail Vin.iv.221.
  • -nagara the first or most splendid of cities Vin.i.229.
  • -nikkhitta highly praised or famed Mil.343.
  • -nikkhittaka an original depository of the Faith Dpvs.iv.5.
  • -pakatimant of the highest character Ja.v.351 (= aggasabhāva).
  • -patta having attained perfection DN.iii.48 sq.
  • -pasāda the highest grace AN.ii.34; Iti.87.
  • -piṇḍa the best oblation or alms DN.i.141; MN.i.28; MN.ii.204.
  • -piṇḍika receiving the best oblations
  • -puggala the best of men (of the Buddha Snp.684; Dhp-a.ii.39; Sdhp.92, Sdhp.558.
  • -purohita chief or prime minister
  • -phala the highest or supreme fruit (i.e. Arahantship) Ja.i.148; Pv.iv.1#88; Pv-a.230
  • -bīja having eggs from above (opp. mūla˚), i.e. propagated by slips or cuttings DN.i.5; DN-a.i.81.
  • -magga (adj. having reached the top of the path, i.e. Arahantship Thag-a.20.
  • -mahesi the king’s chief wife, queen-consort Ja.i.262; Ja.iii.187, Ja.iii.393; Ja.v.88; Dhp-a.i.199; Pv-a.76.
  • -rājā the chief king; Mil.27.
  • -vara most meritorious best
  • -vāda the original doctrine (= theravāda) Dpvs.iv.13.
  • -vādin one who proclaims the highest good (of the Buddha) Thag.1142.

Vedic agra; cp. Av. agrō first; Lith. agrs early


neuter (only-˚) a (small) house, housing, accomodation; shelter, hut; hall dān˚; a house of donation, i.e. a public or private house where alms are given Ja.iii.470; Ja.iv.379, Ja.iv.403;; Pv-a.121; Mil.2. salāk˚; a hut where food is distributed to the bhikkhus by tickets, a food office Ja.i.123, Vv-a.75.

a contracted form of agāra