Aggaḷa & Aggaḷā

feminine (see [occasionally with l.](/define/occasionally with l.)) a contrivance to fasten anything for security or obstruction:

  1. a bolt or cross-bar Vin.i.290; DN.i.89 (-ṃ ākoteṭi to knock upon the cross-bar; a. = kavāṭa DN-a.i.252); AN.iv.359 (id.) SN.iv.290; AN.i.101 = AN.i.137 = AN.iv.231. (phusit˚; with fastened bolts, securely shut Thag.385 (id.); Vin.iv.47; Ja.v.293 (-ṃ uppīḷeti to lift up the cross-bar.
  2. a strip of cloth for strengthening a dress etc., a gusset Vin.i.290 (+ tunna), Vin.i.392 (Bdhgh on MV viii.21, 1); Ja.i.8 (+ tunna), (-ṃ datvā); Vin.iv.121.
  • -dāna putting in a gusset Ja.i.8.
  • -phalaka the post or board, in which the cross-bar is fixed (cp. ˚vaṭṭi) MN.iii.95.
  • -vaṭṭi = ˚phalaka Vin.ii.120, Vin.ii.148.
  • -sūci bolting pin MN.i.126.

cp. Sk. argala & argalā to; *areg to protect, ward off, secure etc. as in Ags. reced house; *aleg in Sk. rakṣati to protect Gr. ἀλέςω id., Ags. ealh temple. Cp. also *areq in Gr.ἀρκέω = Lat. arceo, Orcus, Ohg rigil bolt.