to declare, announce, tell Snp.87 Snp.172;
imper akkhāhi Snp.988, Snp.1085;
aor akkhāsi Snp.251, Snp.504, Snp.1131 (= ācikkhi etc. Cnd.465);
fut akkhissati Pv.iv.1#63;
■ cond. akkhissaṃ Snp.997; Ja.vi.523
pass akkhāyati to be proclaimed, in phrase aggaṃ a to be deemed chief or superior, to be first, to excel Mil.118 Mil.182 (see [in BSk. agram ākhyāyate Mvu.iii.390](/define/in BSk. agram ākhyāyate Mvu.iii.390));
ger akkheyya to be pronounced SN.i.11; Iti.53
pp akkhāta (q.v.)
■ Intensive or Frequentative is ācikkhati.

ā + khyā, Idg. *sequ; cp. Sk. ākhyāti, Lat. inquam, Gr. ἐννέπω, Goth. saihvan, Ger. sehen etc. See also akkhi & cakkhu