adjective (only ˚-)

  1. moist, wet MN.iii.94 (-mattikā -puñja a heap of moist clay; may be taken in meaning 2).

  2. fresh (opp. stale), new; freshly plucked, gathered or caught, viz.

    • -kusamuṭṭhi freshly plucked grass AN.v.234 = AN.v.249;
    • -gomaya fresh dung AN.v.234; Dhp-a.i.377;
    • -camma living skin Vism.195;
    • -tiṇa fresh grass DN-a.i.77; Pv-a.40;
    • -dārūni green sticks Ja.i.318
    • -madhu fresh honey Dhp-a.ii.197;
    • -maṃsa-sarīra a body of living flesh Dhp-a.ii.51 = Dhp-a.iv.166;
    • -rasa fresh-tasting Dhp-a.ii.155;
    • -rohita-maccha fresh fish Ja.iii.333.
    • -āvalepana see → adda3.
  3. wet = with connotation of clean (through being washed), freshly washed,

    • -kesa with clean hair Pv-a.82 (sīsaṃ nahātvā allakesa); usually combd. with allavattha with clean clothes (in an ablution; often as a sign of mourning) Ud.14, Ud.91; Dhp-a.iv.220; or with odāta vattha (id.) Ja.iii.425.
    • -pāṇi with clean hand Pv.ii.9#9 (= dhotapāṇi Pv-a.116). [For analla-gatta at SN.i.183 better read, with SN.i.169, an-allīna -gatta. For allacamma at Dhp-a.iv.132 alagadda-camma, with the variant reading, is preferable].

Vedic ārdra, to Gr. α ̓́ρδω moisten, α ̓́ρδα dirt