adjective faultless, pure; only in foll. compounds -gala free from the dripping or oozing of impurity (thus expld. at DN-a.i.282, viz. elagalana-virahita), but more likely in lit. meaning “having a pure or clear throat or, of vācā speech: “clearly enunciated” (thus Mrs. Rh. D at Kindred Sayings i.241) Vin.i.197 = DN.i.114 = SN.i.189; AN.ii.51, AN.ii.97; AN.iii.114, AN.iii.195. Cp. also Mvu.iii.322
-mūga same as prec. “having a clear throat” i.e. not dumb, fig. clever, skilled DN.iii.265; Snp.70 (alālāmukha Snp-a.124), cp. Cnd.259.

an + eḷa = ena, see neḷa & cp. BSk. eḍa (mūka); Vedic anena