adverb prep. (c. gen. acc. or loc.), pref. (˚-) and adv. “in between” (of space & time), midway, inside; during meanwhile, between. On interpretation of term see DN-a.i.34 sq

  1. (prep.) c. acc. (of the two points compared as termini; cp. B.Sk. antarā ca Divy.94 etc.) DN.i.1 (antarā ca Rājagahaṃ antarā ca Nāḷandaṃ between R. and N.)
    ■ c. gen. & loc. Vin.ii.161 (satthīnaṃ between the thighs, where id. p. at Ja.i.218 has antara-satthīsu); AN.ii.245 (satthīnaṃ. but variant reading satthimhi)
  2. (adv.) meanwhile Snp.291, Snp.694; Iti.85; Dhp.237
    ■ occasionally Mil.251
  3. (pref.) see compounds
  • -kathā “in between talk, talk for pastime, chance conversation DN.ii.1, DN.ii.8, DN.ii.9; SN.i.79; SN.iv.281; AN.iii.167; Snp.p.115; DN-a.i.49 and freq. passim.
  • -gacchati to come in between, to prevent
  • -parinibbāyin an Anāgāmin who passes away in the middle of his term of life in some particular heaven DN.iii.237; AN.i.233; Pp.16
  • -magge (loc.) on the road, on the way Ja.i.253; Mil.16; Dhp-a.ii.21; Dhp-a.iii.337; Pv-a.151, Pv-a.258, Pv-a.269, Pv-a.273 (cp. antara˚)
  • -maraṇa premature death Dhp-a.i.409; Pv-a.136.
  • -muttaka one who is released in the meantime Vin.ii.167.

abl. or adv. formation fr. antara; Vedic antarā.