obstacle, hindrance, impediment to (-˚); prevention, bar danger, accident to (-). There are 10 dangers (to or from) enumerated at Vin.i.112, Vin.i.169 etc., viz. rāja˚, cora˚ aggi˚, udaka˚, manussa˚, amanussa˚, vāḷa˚, siriṃsapa˚ jīvita˚, brahmacariya˚. In B.Sk. 7 at Divy.544, viz rājā-caura-manuṣy-amanuṣya-vyāḍ-agny-udakaṃ
■ DN.i.3 DN.i.25, DN.i.26; AN.iii.243, AN.iii.306; AN.iv.320; Snp.691, Snp.692; Dhp.286 (= jīvit˚ Dhp-a.iii.431); Ja.i.62, Ja.i.128; Kp-a.181; Dhp-a.ii.52; Vv-a.1 = Pv-a.1 (hat˚ removing the obstacles -antarāyaṃ karoti to keep away from, hinder, hold back prevent, destroy Vin.i.15;; Vism.120; Pv-a.20.

  • -kara one who causes impediments or bars the way an obstructor DN.i.227; SN.i.34; AN.i.161; Pv.iv.3#22.

antara + aya from i, lit. “coming in between”


adverb i*?) in the meantime Snp.1120 (cp Cnd.58) antarā Snp-a.603.