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Anuvyañjana & anubyañjana

(e.g. Vin.iv.15; Ja.i.12) neuter accompanying (i.e. secondary attribute, minor or inferior characteristic, supplementary or additional sign or mark (cf. mahāpurisa-lakkhaṇa) Vin.i.65 (abl. anuvyañjanaso “in detail”); MN.iii.126; SN.iv.168; AN.iv.279 (abl.); AN.v.73 sq.; Pp.24, Pp.58; Mil.339; Vv-a.315; Dhs-a.400.

  • -gāhin taking up or occupying oneself with details, taken up with lesser or inferior marks DN.i.70 (cf. Mvu.iii.52); DN.iii.225; SN.iv.104; AN.i.113; AN.ii.16, AN.ii.152 sq.; Dhs.1345 (cf. Dhs trsl. 351).

anu + vyañjana