“according to taste”, i.e. satisfaction, thanks, esp. after a meal or after receiving gifts = to say grace or benediction, blessing, thanksgiving. In latter sense with dadāti (give thanks for = locative) karoti (= Latin gratias agere) or vacati (say or tell thanks) ˚ṁ datvā Pv-a.89 ˚ṁ katvā Ja.i.91 Dhp-a.iii.170 Dhp-a.iii.172.Vv-a 118 Pv-a.17 Pv-a.47; ˚ṁ vatvā Vv-a.40 (pānīyadāne for the gift of water), Vv-a.295, Vv-a.306 etc. ˚ṁ karoti also “to do a favour” Pv-a.275 cp. further Dhp-a.i.198 (˚gāthā verses expressing thanks, benediction); Dhp-a.ii.97 (Satthāraṁ ˚ṁ yāciṁsu asked his blessing) Pv-a.23 (˚atthaṁ in order to thank), Pv-a.26 (identical), Pv-a.121, Pv-a.141 (katabhatta˚), Pv-a.142; Sdhp.213 Sdhp.218 Sdhp.516

fr. anumodati