to find satisfaction in (acc.), to rejoice in, be thankful for (c. acc.), appreciate, benefit from, to be pleased, to enjoy Vin.ii.212 (bhattagge a. to say grace after a meal); SN.ii.54; AN.iii.50 (-modanīya), AN.iv.411; Dhp.177 (ppr. -modamāna); Iti.78; Pv.ii.9#19 (dānaṃ -modamāna = enjoying, gladly receiving); Pv.i.5#4 (anumodare = are pleased; pitisomanassajātā honti Pv-a.27); Ja.ii.112; Pv-a.19, Pv-a.46, Pv-a.81, Pv-a.201) imper. modāhi) Sdhp.501 sq
pp anumodita (q.v.).

anu + modati