1. the “afterfoot”, i.e. second foot of a verse, also a mode of reciting where the second foot is recited without the first one Vin.iv.15 (cp. 355); Mil.340 (anupadena anupadaṃ katheti).
  2. (adj.) (following) on foot, at every, step continuous, repeated, in ˚dhamma-vipassanā uninterrupted contemplation MN.iii.25; ˚vaṇṇanā word-by-word explanation Dhs-a.168. As nt. adv. -ṃ close behind, immediately after (c. gen.) Ja.ii.230 (tassânupadaṃ agamāsi), Esp. freq. in combn. padānupadaṃ (adv.) foot after foot, i.e. in the footsteps, immediately behind Ja.iii.504;; Dhp-a.i.69; Dhp-a.ii.38.

cp. Sk. anupadaṃ adv., anu + pada