adjective following in one’s turn, successive, gradual, by and by, regular Vin.ii.237 (mahāsamuddo a˚-ninno etc.); DN.i.184; Snp.511; Ja.v.155 (regularly formed, of ūrū). Cases adverbially: anupubbena (instr.) by and by, in course of time, later, gradually Vin.i.83; Dhp.239 (= anupaṭipāṭiyā Dhp-a.iii.340); Pp.41, Pp.64; Ja.ii.2, Ja.ii.105; Ja.iii.127; Mil.22; Pv-a.19. anupubbaso (abl. cp. Sk. anupūrvaśaḥ) in regular order Snp.1000. In compn. both anupubba˚ & anupubbi˚ (q.v.)

  • -kāraṇa gradual performance, graded practice MN.i.446
  • -nirodha successive passing away, fading away in regular succession, i.e. in due course. The nine stages of this process are the same as those mentioned under ˚vihāra & are enumerated as such at DN.iii.266, DN.iii.290; AN.iv.409, AN.iv.456; Pts.i.35.
  • -vihāra a state of gradually ascending stages by means of which the highest aim of meditation & trance is attained, viz. complete cessation of all consciousness These are 9 stages, consisting of the 4 jhānas, the 4 āyatanāni & as the crowning phrase “saññā-vedayitanirodha” (see jhāna1). enumerated as such in var. places, esp at the foll.: DN.ii.156; DN.iii.265, DN.iii.290; AN.iv.410; Nd ii.under jhāna; Pts.i.5; Mil.176.
  • -sikkhā regular instruction or study (dhammavinaye) MN.i.479; MN.iii.1 (+ ˚kiriyā ˚paṭipadā).

anu + pubba