remembrance, recollection, thinking of, mindfulness. A late list of subjects to be kept in mind comprises six anussati-ṭṭhānāni, viz. Buddha˚, Dhamma˚, Saṅgha˚ sīla˚, cāga˚, devatā˚; i.e. proper attention to the Buddha the Doctrines, the Church, to morality, charity, the gods Thus at DN.iii.250, DN.iii.280 (cp. AN.i.211); AN.iii.284, AN.iii.312 sq. AN.iii.452; AN.v.329 sq.; Pts.i.28. Expanded to 10 subjects (the above plus ānāpāna-sati, maraṇa-sati, kāyagatā-sati upasamānussati) at AN.i.30, AN.i.42 (cp. Lal.34). For other references see DN.i.81; SN.v.67 = Iti.107 (anussaraṇa at latter pass.); AN.iii.284, AN.iii.325, AN.iii.452. Pts.i.48, Pts.i.95, Pts.i.186 Pp.25, Pp.60; Dhs.14, Dhs.23, Dhs.1350 (anussati here to be corr to asati, see Dhs. trsl. 351); Sdhp.225, 231, 482. See also anuttariya (anussat-ânuttariya).

Sk. anusmṛti, fr. anu + smṛ; cp. sati