a forward wind, the wind that blows from behind, a favourable wind; -ṃ adv. with the wind, in the direction of the wind (opp. paṭivātaṃ) AN.i.226 (˚paṭivātaṃ); Sdhp.425 (paṭivāta˚). In anuvāte (anu + vāte) at Ja.ii.382 “with the wind, facing the w. in front of the wind” anu is to be taken as prep. c. loc & to be separated from vāte (see anu A b.).

anu + to blow


only in connection with the making of the bhikkhus’ garments (cīvara) “weaving on, supplementary weaving, or along the seam”, i.e. hem, seam, binding Vin.i.254, Vin.i.297; Vin.ii.177; Vin.iv.121 (aggala +); Pv-a.73 (anuvāte appabhonte since the binding was insufficient).

anu + to weave (?) in analogy to vāta from to blow