1. removing, breaking off, DN.iii.88.
  2. [= Sk. avadāna cp. ovāda] advice, admonition, instruction, morals Vin.ii.4 (an˚ not taking advice), Vin.ii.7 (id.) MN.i.96; AN.v.337 sq. (saddhā˚) Thag.47.
  3. legend, life history. In the title Mahāpadāna suttanta it refers to the 7 Buddhas. In the title Apadānaṃ, that is ʻthe stories’, it refers almost exclusively to Arahants. The other, (older), connotation seems to have afterwards died out. See Dialogues ii.3
    ■ Cp. also pariyāpadāna.

= Sk. apadāna