adjective either “not neglectful, pure, clean” (= apalāpin fr. palāsa chaff cp. apalāyin at Ja.v.4), or “not selfish, not hard, generous (as inferred from combn. with amakkhin & amaccharin) or “brave, fearless, energetic” (= apalāyin) DN.iii.47 cp. Pp.22. See palāsin.

apaḷāsin; but spelling altogether uncertain. There seems to exist a confusion between the forms apalāyin apalāpin & apalāsin, owing to freq. miswriting of s, y, p in MSS. (cp. Cnd introd. p. xix.). We should be inclined to give apalāsin, as the lectio difficilior, the preference. The expln. at Pp.22 as “yassa puggalassa ayaṃ paḷāso pahīno ayaṃ vuccati puggalo apaḷāsī” does not help us to clear up the etym. nor the vv.ll.