adjective unconcerned, living at ease, careless, “not bothering”, keeping still, inactive Vin.ii.188; MN.iii.175, MN.iii.176; SN.i.202 (in stock phrase appossukka tuṇhībhūta saṅkasāya “living at ease, given to silence, resigned” Mrs. Rhys Davids trsl. 258, see also J.P.T.S. 1909, 22); SN.ii.177 (id.); SN.iv.178 (id.); Thig.457 (= nirussukka Thag-a.282); Snp.43 (= abyāvaṭa anapekkha Cnd.72); Dhp.330 (= nirālaya Dhp-a.iv.31); Ja.i.197; Ja.iv.71; Mil.371 (a tiṭṭhati to keep still); DN-a.i.264.

appa + ussuka, Sk. alpotsuka, e.g. Lal.509; Divy.41, Divy.57, Divy.86, Divy.159. It is not necessary to assume a hypothetic form of *autsukya as der. fr ussuka