adjective without form or body, incorporeal, DN.i.195 sq.; DN.iii.240; Snp.755; Iti.62; Sdhp.228, Sdhp.463 Sdhp.480. See details under rūpa.

  • -āvacara the realm or world of Formlessness, Dhs.1281–Dhs.1285; Pts.i.83 sq., Pts.i.101.
  • -kāyika belonging to the group of formless beings Mil.317 (devā).
  • -ṭhāyin standing in or being founded on the Formless Iti.62.
  • -taṇhā “thirst for the Formless DN.iii.216.
  • -dhātu the element or sphere of the Incoporeal (as one of the 3 dhātus rūpa˚, arūpa˚ nirodha˚; see dhātu) DN.iii.215, DN.iii.275; Iti.45.
  • -bhava formless existence DN.iii.216.
  • -loka the world of the Formless Sdhp.494.
  • -saññin not having the idea of form DN.ii.110; DN.iii.260; Exp. i.252.

a + rūpa