adjective unequal, incomparable Ja.i.40 (+ appaṭipuggala); Sdhp.578 (+ atula). Esp. freq. in cpd -dhura lit. carrying more than an equal burden, of incomparable strength, very steadfast or resolute Snp.694 (= asama-viriya Snp-a.489); Ja.i.193;,

a + sama


neuter stone, rock DN-a.i.270, DN-a.i.271 (˚muṭṭhika having a hammer of stone; variant reading BB. ayamuṭṭhika) Snp-a.392 (instr. asmanā).

the diaeretic form of Sk. aśman hurling stone, of whieh the contracted form is amha (q.v.); connected with Lat. ocris “mons confragosus”; Gr. α ̓́κμων anvil Lith. akmů̃ stone, see also asana1 (Sk. aśan stone for throwing) and asani