adjective unmixed, unadulterated, i.e. with full and unimpaired properties, delicious, sublime, lovely MN.i.114; SN.i.213 (a. ojava “that elixir that no infusion needs Mrs Rh. D.) = Thig.55 (expld. as anāsittakaṃ pakatiyā ’va mahārasaṃ at Thag-a.61) = Thig.196 (= anāsittakaṃ ojavantaṃ sabhāva-madhuraṃ Thag-a.168); SN.v.321; AN.iii.237 sq. Mil.405.

a + secana + ka, fr. sic to sprinkle, cp. B.Sk. asecanaka-darśana in same meaning e.g. Divy.23 Divy.226, Divy.334