Asekha & Asekkha

adjective & noun not requiring to be trained, adept, perfect, m. one who is no longer a learner, an expert; very often meaning an Arahant (cp B.Sk. aśaikṣa occurring only in phrase śaikṣâśaikṣāh those in training & the adepts, e.g. Divy.261, Divy.337; Avs.i.269 Avs.i.335; Avs.ii.144) Vin.i.62 sq.; Vin.iii.24; SN.i.99; DN.iii.218, DN.iii.219; Iti.51 (asekho sīlakkhandho; variant reading asekkha); Pp.14 (= arahant); Dhs.584, Dhs.1017, Dhs.1401; Kv.303 sq.

  • -muni the perfectly Wise Dhp-a.iii.321.
  • -bala the power of an Arahant, enumerated in a set of 10 at Pts.ii.173, cp. Pts.ii.176.

a + sekha