the holy fig-tree, Ficus, Religiosa the tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment i.e. the Bo tree Vin.iv.35; DN.ii.4 (sammā-sambuddho assatthassa mūle abhisambuddho); SN.v.96; Ja.i.16 (Ja.v.75 in word-play with assattha2 of Ja.v.79).

Vedic aśvattha, expld. in K Z i.467 as aśva-ttha dial. for aśva-stha “standing place for horses, which etym is problematic; it is likely that the Sk. word is borrowed from a local dialect.


encouraged, comforted AN.iv.184 (variant reading as gloss assāsaka) Pts.i.131 (loka an˚; variant reading assaka); Ja.i.16 (Ja.v.79 cp. assattha1), (= laddhassasa C.), Ja.i.566.

pp. of assasati; cp. BSk. āsvasta Avs.i.210