neuter DN.i.115, DN.i.141; Dhp.67; Pp.56; DN-a.i.284; Pv-a.39. -mocana shedding of tears Pv-a.18.

Vedic aśru, Av. asrū, Lith aszarà, with etym. not definitely clear: see Walde, Lat. Wtb. under lacrima a tear Vin.i.87 (assūni pavatteti to shed tears); SN.ii.282 (id.); Dhp.74; Thig.496 (cp. Thag-a.289); Kp-a.65; Dhp-a.i.12 (˚puṇṇa-netta with eyes full of tears); Dhp-a.ii.98; Pv-a.125. -dhārā a shower of tears Dhp-a.iv.15 (pavatteti to shed) -mukha (adj.) with tearful face atthi*.


indeclinable expletive part. also used in emphatic sense of “surely, yes, indeed” Snp.231 (according to Fausböll but preferably with P. T. S. ed. as tayas su for tay’ assu, cp. Kp-a.188); Vv.32#4 (assa variant reading SS) = Vv-a.135 (assū ti nipāta-mattaṃ). Perhaps we ought to take this assu3 together with the foll. assu4 as a modification of ssu (see su2). Cp. āsu.

Sk. sma


part. for Sk. svid (and sma?) see under su2. According to this view Fausbölls reading ken’ assu at Snp.1032 is to be emended to kena ssu.