adjective impure, unpleasant, bad, ugly, nasty; nt. ˚ṃ nastiness, impurity. Cp. on term and the Asubha-meditation, as well as on the 10 asubhas or offensive objects Dhs. trsl. 70 and Cpd. 121 n. 6
■ SN.iv.111 (asubhato manasikaroti); SN.v.320; Snp.341; Sdhp.368. -subhāsubha pleasant unpleasant, good & bad Snp.633; Ja.iii.243; Mil.136.

  • -ānupassin realising or intuiting the corruptness (of the body) Iti.80, Iti.81; Dhp-a.i.76.
  • -kathā talk about impurity Vin.iii.68.
  • -kammaṭṭhāna reflection on impurity Dhp-a.iii.425.
  • -nimitta sign of the unclean i.e. idea of impurity Vism.77.
  • -bhāvanā contemplation of the impurity (of the body) Vin.iii.68.
  • -saññā idea of impurity DN.iii.253, DN.iii.283, DN.iii.289, DN.iii.291.
  • -saññin having an idea of or realising the impurity (of the body) Iti.93.

a + subha