to go on, only occurring in imper. aticchatha (bhante) “please go on, Sir”, asking a bhikkhu to seek alms elsewhere, thus refusing a gift in a civil way. [The interpretation given by Trenckner, as quoted by Childers, is from ati + iṣ “go and beg further on”. (Tr. Notes 65) but this would entail a meaning like “desire in excess”, since iṣ does not convey the notion of movement] Ja.iii.462; Dhp-a.iv.98 (T. aticcha, vv.ll. ˚atha); Vv-a.101; Mil.8
caus aticchāpeti to make go on, to ask to go further Ja.iii.462. Cp. icchatā.

*Sk. ati-ṛcchati, ati + ; cp. aṇṇava