1. to go beyond, to pass over, to cross, to pass by.
  2. to overcome, to conquer, to surpass, to be superior to

■ Ja.iv.141; Dhp.221 (Pot. ˚eyya overcome);
■ Pv-a.67 (maggena: passes by).
grd atikkamanīya to be overcome DN.ii.13 (an˚);
■ Snp-a.568 (dur˚)
ger atikkamma DN.ii.12 (surpassing);
■ Iti.51 (māradheyyaṃ passing over), cp. vv.ll. under adhigayha; and atikkamitva going beyond, overcoming, transcending (Ja.iv.139 (samuddaṃ);
■ Pp.17; Ja.i.162 (raṭṭhaṃ having left).
■ Often to be trsl. as adv. “beyond”, e.g. pare beyond others Pv-a.15; Vasabhagāmaṃ beyond the village of V. Pv-a.168
pp atikkanta (q.v.).

ati + kamati