delighted pleased, enraptured DN.i.3, DN.i.90 (an˚); DN.ii.14; AN.iii.337 AN.iii.343; AN.iv.344; Snp.45 = Dhp.328 (= upaṭṭhita-satt Dhp-a.iv.29); Snp.995; Cnd.24 (= tuṭṭha-mano haṭṭha-mano etc.) Vv.1#4; Pp.33 (an˚); Mil.18; DN-a.i.52; Dhp-a.i.89 (an˚-dhātuka displeased); Pv-a.23, Pv-a.132; Vv-a.21 (where Dhpāla gives two explains, either tuṭṭhamano or sakamano).

atta1 + mano, having an up raised mind. Bdhgh’s expln. is saka-mano DN-a.i.255 = attā + mano. He applies the same expln. to attamanatā (at Dhs.9, see Dhs trsl 12) = attano manatā mentality of one’s self