(-˚) neuter adjective

  1. (adj.) living in or with, moving in DN.i.206 (santika˚ one who stays near, a companion); fig. dealing or familiar with, at home in AN.ii.189 (atakka˚); AN.iv.314 (parisā˚); Ja.i.60 (tāḷa˚ one conversant with music, a musician see tāḷa1); Ja.ii.95 (sangāma˚); Mil.44 (id. and yoga˚)
  2. (n.) sphere (of moving or activity), realm, plane (of temporal existence); only as t.t. in kāmāvacara rupāvacara arūpāvacara or the 3 realms of sense-desires form and non-form: kāma˚; DN.i.34 (˚deva); Dhs.431 (as adj.); rūpa˚; Pp.37; arūpa˚; Pp.38; Pts.i.83, Pts.i.84, Pts.i.101; Dhs-a.387; Pv-a.138, Pv-a.163; to be omitted in Dhs.1268, Dhs.1278.

ava + car, also BSk. avacara in same sense, e.g. antaḥpurâvacarā the inmates of the harem Jtm.210