adjective low, inferior, blamable bad, deprecable Dhp.318, Dhp.319; Dhs.1160. More fig. in neg. form anavajja blameless, faultless DN.i.70 (= anindita DN-a.i.183); AN.ii.26 = Iti.102; Snp.47 (˚bhojin carrying on a blameless mode of livelihood, see Cnd.39), Snp.263 (= anindita agarahita Kp-a.140): Pts.ii.116, Pts.ii.170; Pp.30, Pp.41, Pp.58; Sdhp.436. Opp. sāvajja.

Sk. avadya, seemigly a + vadya, but in reality a der. fr. ava. According to Childers = Sk. avarjya from vraj, thus meaning “not to be shunned, not forbidden” This interpretn is justified by context of Dhp.318, Dhp.319. The P. commentator refers it to ava + vad (for *ava-vadya in sense of to blame, cp. apavadati