extending, stretching forth, gesture of lifting up the hands as a token of reverence (cp. E. to “tender” one’s respect), putting the ten fingers together and raising them to the head (Vv-a.7: dasanakha-samodhāna-samujjalaṃ añjaliṃ paggayha). Only in stock phrases

  1. añjaliṃ paṇāmeti to bend forth the outstretched hands Vin.ii.188; DN.i.118; Snp.352; Snp.p.79
  2. -ṃ paggaṇhāti to perform the a. salutation Ja.i.54; Dhp-a.iv.212; Vv-a.7, Vv-a.312 (sirasmiṃ on one’s head) Pv-a.93.
  3. -ṃ karoti id. Pv-a.178; cp. katañjali (adj. with raised hands Snp.1023; Ja.i.17; Pv-a.50, and añjalikata id. Pv.ii.12#20. Cp. pañjali
  • -kamma respectful salutation, as above AN.i.123; AN.ii.180 AN.iv.130; Vv.78#8, Vv.83#16; Dhp-a.i.32.
  • -karaṇīya (adj.) that is worthy of being thus honoured DN.iii.5; AN.ii.34; AN.iii.36 AN.iv.13 sq.; Iti.88.

cp. Sk. añjali, fr. añjati1